NBA 2K17

An NBA basketball game with realistic and smooth game-play and commentary

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NBA 2K17 is a role playing game that features real players and action from the NBA and allows you to take control of some of your favorite players. You can also use the game to create your own players and launch the careers of future stars. It includes teams from different conferences as well star players currently in the sport.

With NBA 2K17, you need to decide how you want to play when you turn on the game. Though you can go back and forth between modes, you need to tell it where you want to start. Career mode lets you pick a player, which the game bases on actor Michael B. Jordan. You'll put that player in the game as a new player. As you improve and win games, you'll have the chance to switch teams, ask for more money and win championships. MyTeam is a mode that puts you in control of a whole team. You also have the option of playing as a general manager or in the MyLeague mode, which asks you to control an entire league.

The developers behind this game spent time working with real players from the NBA and designed AI characters that look like those real players. It has an uncanny valley design though that can take you out of the game because those characters can look so lifeless. You'll also find a number of cut scenes in the game. As soon as you finish playing against one team, it takes you to a cut scene. These scenes are impossible to skip over, which makes it a little frustrating to play, especially during longer sessions.

After listening to some of the complaints about previous editions, the makers of NBA 2K17 designed to introduce new elements to make this title easier to play. If you ever played an NBA game in the past, you might notice that this one lets you more easily dribble and move the ball down court. It's also easier to set up a shot and score points for your team. The game even has real commentary that plays over your games and commentary that pops up when you make an impressive shot.

NBA 2K17 is definitely a step up from the 2016 edition. It now comes with more players to choose from, realistic action when playing against any team and four different modes that let you play one or more at the same time.


  • Lots of exciting action and realistic gameplay
  • Open story mode lets you create excitement and stories of your own
  • Uses actor Michael B. Jordan
  • Features commentary that plays over the game and after top shots
  • Has multiple modes that let you control individual players, teams or leagues


  • AI characters sometimes look lifeless and dull
  • Has a learning curve before you'll feel comfortable with all playing modes
  • Includes scenes between games that you cannot skip over

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